Gorilla Trekking Tours Rated as the Best of All Uganda Safaris

For many people to Uganda mountain gorillas are the most attractive forest  creatures to watch and view in their well conserved home of Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga National Park. That means many travelers like exploring natural beautiful places. However, by many trekking gorillas in Uganda, other Uganda tourist attractions and national parks get chances to be explored by visitors on long and short Uganda safaris. In Uganda there is a lot to see and explore each day even for the complicated travelers. All tourists’ attraction gates are open Monday to Sunday for all those ready to experience the wonderful land nature under the warm cool weather hence making Uganda a perfect travel destination for everyone.

Tracking gorillas in Uganda is all year so one can plan a trek any time provided he or she reserves gorilla trekking permits a few months in advance to avoid last minute inconveniences. Remember gorilla permits are on high demand year round so the earlier the better. Trekking gorillas in Uganda two gorilla trekking destinations depend on the travelers’ interest, gorilla permit availability and tour duration .Take a clear look at what Uganda gorilla safari parks have to offer and decide whether trekking in Mghainga National park will be the best option or Bwindi forest National Park.

Mgahinga forest Gorilla Treks

Mgahinga National park in Uganda get the best gorilla safari tour reputation when it come to trekking gorillas and hiking the Gahinga volcanoes. The park is also the only place to track golden monkeys and also experience the Batwa cultural traditions that once lived in the Garama caves of the forest in Uganda. However, this doesn’t mean that to visit Mgahinga National Park, you should be on only Uganda gorilla trekking tours. Biking, wildlife viewing at the Buffalo wall, Buniga forest walk and bird watching are other amazing tour activities to enjoy on your visit to Uganda.

No need to find a in Mgahinga outside the park because the park has variety in all budgets. Though travelers are free to spend a nights in Kabale and Kisoro but sleeping close to the park is more convenient. The park lodges are very safe and comfortable catering for all kinds of visitors. Mgahinga National park also has plenty of local stales and walking trails, meaning tourists can shop around and also do some daily exercises.

Bwindi Forest National Park

With the highest population of mountain gorillas living in the all world, Bwindi forest National Park has become the best Uganda gorilla trekking destination for you and for every one planning to watch the silverback and other gorillas play jump and make amazing movements around park vegetations. More and more visitors to Uganda visit Bwindi impenetrable national park every day most notable from European countries of United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Australia, etc. Those who track gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable forest don’t only see gorillas but also other park primates, wildlife, waterfalls, Batwa cultural trail, ride a bicycle for a woman, nature walks and much more.Bwindi forest allow visitors  to explore the beautiful jungle forest carrying home great memories to cherish for life.

Lake Bunyonyi: Best Things to Do in the Switzerland of Africa

Many of know Uganda as a home of mountain gorillas the prime tourist attraction   of the country but the country also owns the most beautiful island called Lake Bunyonyi  in western Uganda. No matter what your travel interest could be, Lake Bunyonyi has something for everyone including rewarding hiking adventure, leisure ambience, bird watching, great views, swimming and much more. It may not be your place of interest during your safari in Uganda but a one day break at this Lake counts and adds more meaning to your Uganda safari tour. Those heading to Rwanda for more tour adventures, it’s a perfect place to continue your journey from Uganda. There is plenty to do from this Lake and here is our list put together based on our tour experts travel experience.

A Trip to the Magical Islands

If gorilla trekking has been your main highlight for all trips to Uganda, a day or two days at Lake Bunyonyi changes the all story becoming another fantastic Highlight for your Uganda safari tour. The paradise Islands have too much to offer including wildlife viewing, paddling, nature walks and leisure ambience. A trip to any of the islands adds a lot of meaning to any Uganda safari year round. Magical sunsets and incredible Lake Views start your day at the Lake giving you a reason to look out for much more in the day. Nights are fun with campfires at your lodge that keep you warm and happy as you get a chance to chat with all other travelers.

Hiking around the Lake

Do not miss the hiking tour around the lake that gives you a chance to view all the twenty nine islands on the lake and also mix up with locals in different life aspects. Those in their homes will say hello, children in schools will wave for you and those in their gardens will definitely make it a point to become your new friends. The people living around the lake are very friendly and welcoming that you will just have a wonderful hike all through. Why not visit the orphanage and the only island school that was once a leprosy hospital built by a European missionary and support the young generation that needs a bring future. Books, pencils, pens and much more can be appreciated by the little ones.

Boat ride on the Lake

Though it’s one of the most thought of tourist activity by many tourists, it’s an absolute must for you on a hot day especially in the afternoon hours after lunch if you have a free day on around Lake Bunyonyi islands. Catch up with spectacular views of the islands, home steads and the boat transport crew of locals. This alone and the quiet village life is an amazing experience that make your visit to Uganda to be called a holiday.

Bird Watching

Lake Bunyonyi is another perfect place for birders and if your trip to Uganda was to see a wide number of attractive bird species, this is your place to be. Even walking around on your own freely can enable you spot various attractive bird species returning back to your lodge with memories. The best time to go bird watching is very early in the morning and evening hours when it’s cold. However, Lake Bunyonyi general weather is just perfect for bird watching all day long.

Swimming on the Lake

Swimming is another leisure thing you can do at Lake Bunyonyi and enjoy your stay as you explore the lake beauty. This can be done any time of the day provided you free and just chilling at your lodge of residence. But If you visit the lake and enjoy other fantastic tour adventures please share with us for more exceptional leisure holidays on the lake.